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The 16-week program will give you a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best performance artists and music educators who will inculcate you on how to develop your music skills and how to function in a musical situation. You will undergo sessions in Contemporary Music theory, Ear Training, Rhythm sessions, Private instruction and Ensembles. Occasional Master sessions will be conducted by some of the leading musicians / artists / visiting artists from around the world on numerous topics like Music production, music business, Contemporary Jazz, Blue grass, etc. The program will end with a performance in one of the premiere music venues in the city. The program consists of two Ensemble level. The Junior Ensemble with music group studies and private instruction is ideal for school students and working professionals who wants to get a hands on experience at performance. The Senior Ensemble with music group studies and private instruction is ideal for music professionals and for those who wants to take up music professionally either in part time or full time.


This program is for people looking to enhance their musical skill especially in area of improvisation. You will not only get private instruction but you will be working in a group setting where you will be placed with other musicians of similar taste. You will also get a unique opportunity to perform in one of the blue notes ensemble programs hosted at some of the best music venues in the city.

MODULES (Electives)

This is part of the PREP program and with Electives one can choose to customize their study in different areas like Rhythm studies, Ear training, Music theory and Ensembles. This is ideal for music professionals. 

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